As competition intensifies within most industry sectors, manufacturers are increasingly seeking ways in which they can differentiate products and brands within their chosen markets.

One approach, that has been successfully exploited by the automotive industry, is to focus on components that provide the interface between products and the ultimate end user.

Parts such as handles, valves, controls and even board game pieces are continually touched and can play an invaluable role in determining how products and brands are viewed.

Our Essential Guide provides OEMs with an introduction to how they can use aesthetically stunning diecastings to their advantage in order to deliver a better user experience.

It offers an invaluable overview of:

  • Enhancing the Human Interaction
  • Increasing Perceived Product Quality
  • Selecting the Correct Component Material
  • Why Zinc
  • Selecting the Right Diecasting Method
  • Selecting the Right Supplier
  • MDL Zinc Diecastings

MDL manufactures high quality diecastings for the home, medical, leisure and other sectors.

We pay meticulous attention to detail in order to add the finishing touch. We also understand what it takes to produce components with an exceptional surface finish and produce zinc diecast components that will flawlessly accept powder coating, wet paint coating, chrome plating and other finishes.

As such, we are able to deliver components that consistently improve the way in which end users interact with our customers products.

The FREE guide is available in printed and PDF formats. To request your copy, please complete the simple form below.


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