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die casting plating process FOR ZINC DIE CASTINGS


McDonald Diecasting Ltd employs chromium plating for many of its customers as a finishing treatment. During the die casting plating process we perform the electrolytic deposition of chromium on to the surface of components and parts to achieve the perfect aesthetic finish.

Chromium has several properties such as its hardness and corrosion resistance that make it ideal for surface coating applications. It is also currently the most popular metal coating, supporting a wide range of applications where human interaction with the component is paramount. Chrome plating is a traditionally used method to enhance the surface properties of cast metal component that dates back to the production of brightwork for cars in the 1900s.

Applications of Decorative Chromium Plating

Most forms of chrome plating are the application of thin layers of chromium over an underlying polished nickel plate – generally applied for aesthetic requirements or decorative bright chrome and light use.

Decorative plating is popular in many industries that require good durability, corrosion resistance and above all a focus on the aesthetic finish of the component.

These typically include:

APPLICATIONS OF Hard Chromium Plating

​In environments where heavier duty use is required then thicker deposits of chromium are applied. This is often called hard chrome plating and commonly used in more industrial components to reduce friction or wear and to restore the dimensions of equipment wore over time.

These industries might typically include:

  • Automotive industry for shock absorbers, cylinders, and other components that are prone to heavy use or stresses over time. They benefit from hard chrome plating in order to meet durability and lubricity requirements.
  • Mechanical gears and engineering applications that can make use of its lubricity to help performance and extend the lifespan of the component.
  • Restoration of general engineering components and parts to restore dimensions.

Applying chrome plating during the die casting plating process is the perfect choice for countless decorative and functional applications where the quality of finish and aesthetics are important. McDonald Diecasting Ltd has been producing aesthetically focused plated die cast components for the home, leisure and medical sectors since the 1930s.

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How Do You Plate Chrome onto Zinc Die Cast Components?


Cleaning is an essential first step, removing any impurities to ensure a smooth and even finish. It removes grease from the die casting and any impurities that may have been picked up during the casting process.


Pre-treatment is undertaken to prevent any highly acidic or alkaline solutions from dissolving or degrading the zinc. A coat of copper flash is added between the zinc surface and the chrome plating to ensure compatibility between the two surfaces.


Following cleaning and pre-treatment, your product will pass through a series of layer adding processes. Layers are added to increase electrical conductivity and help with corrosion resistance. The final layer of chrome is added for further corrosion resistance and to achieve the perfect aesthetic touch.


McDonald Diecasting Ltd produces die castings that are carefully hand polished to achieve the finishing touch and a flawless mirror-like surface.

MDL can provide finishes for any given application. 

 No matter your application, we’d love to help you with your die casting and finishing needs. Contact us for more information.

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