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Zinc Alloys For High Quality Product Yeilds

Material and Production related benefits.

Zinc alloys used in die casting development possess properties that make production easier when compared to other metal alloys. As a result, it provides an end-product that is durable and precise. The high ductility of zinc alloy means that it is ideal for the die casting process. Our high-pressure casting process takes advantage of this to produce a product that contorts and expands without fracturing under pressure during the casting process. 

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Zamak 2

Higher Copper content means that it is significantly stronger than other Zamak alloys but may not last as long. It is also the most expensive variety of zinc alloy.

Primarily used casting as it possesses good creep performance allowing Zamak 2 to withstand pressure under the load implemented by the die casting process.

Zamak 3

The most popular and widely used Zamak alloy material due to the combination of overall strength, impact strength and ductility.

It also benefits from its excellent plating options and its reliable finishing characteristics. Long-term casting stability is also provided.

Zamak 5

Slightly more copper than Zamak 3. With this additional copper content, you benefit from extra strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.

One drawback of the added copper content is the decreased ductility making it harder to form than other alloys.

Zamak 7

The most ductile of the zinc alloys. This is in part due to its lower magnesium content and increased fluidity which should be considered when using this casting material.

Gives the option of casting thinner walls within components and allows you to focus on producing more intricate components.

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