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ZINC DIE CASTING is one of the most versatile production methods for the manufacturinG of strong, accurate, complex and intricately shaped metal components.


MDL has over 80 years experience in developing die cast products to meet the required standards for aesthetically focused projects and product manufacturers. We believe Zinc to be a fantastic choice for decorative and functional components for any product or industry sector.

Due to its unique physical properties, zinc can be cast into an almost endless number of shapes and sizes which allows for a large range of complexities. MDL has used this flexibility to produce custom castings that vary from intricate game pieces to medical component valves and decorative house fixtures.

We will work with you to make sure that all factors are considered when engineering your product. The inherent corrosion resistance of zinc also means that die castings can be used with confidence without the need for additional proactive castings. 

We are also able to advise you on casting solutions for situations where the environment is harsher, or where a different type of surface is required for aesthetic purposes. Zinc, fortunately, coatings, paint and electroplated metal finishes (e.g. nickel, satin and bright chrome) that can be easily and reliably applied to components.


MDL understands what it takes to produce components with an exceptional surface finish.

We also have the expertise to produce zinc diecast components that will flawlessly accept powder coating, wet paint coating, chrome plating, copper plating and other finishes. Finally, our attention to detail is unsurpassed and dictates the way in which every product is lovingly hand finished and assembled.
As such, we are able to deliver components that consistently improve the way in which end users interact with our customers’ products.

Lower Product Costs

The quality of off-tool zinc die castings is such that no finishing is required other than drilling, tapping and polishing. This lowers costs and time associated with finishing.

Finishing Options

Zinc components have a very smooth surface and readily accept a wide range of finishes including chrome plating, copper plating, powder coating and wet paint coating.

Intricate Design

The fluidity of molten zinc allows intricately designed and thin walled components to be manufactured with greater precision and consistency.

Long Tool Life

The tooling used to produce zinc diecastings has an exceptionally long working life which helps to spread costs over a greater volume of components in order to minimise unit costs.

Better For The Environment

It is reassuring to know that zinc is simple to recycle and has a lower melting point than some other metallic materials so consumes less energy during its casting and production.

Strong And Stable

Zinc has good inherent strength and proven durability so is ideal for use in applications where components provide the interface between a product or appliance and the end user.

Talk to us about your requirements for high quality zinc alloy die casting.

Let us know as much as  you can about your project, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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