Zinc Die Casting, as a process is constantly evolving with the introduction of new processes and techniques. This page will allow you to follow the very latest developments within MDL. Learn about the benefits of zinc die casting with us, and follow our process as we look forward with our vision to remain the UK’s market-leading manufacturer of hand-finished die cast components. 

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Meet Darren Gregg – Production Manager
Meet Darren Gregg, production manager at MDL. Darren has over 32 years of experience working at MDL. He started with us as a casting shop general operative but through extremely hard work has gained various promotions to reach his current position. Darren states that demonstrating the core values at MDL has become the fundamental driving force for all our decisions. He has seen many changes...
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New Drilling and Tapping Machine Delivering Results
We are delighted to see that the installation of our new drilling and tapping machine delivering results. It will extend our capabilities to offer multifunctional finishing and post castings operations to customers who require the finishing touch. Precision in motion Manufactured by Camtool Engineering Ltd - A specialist bespoke machine manufacturer only a stone’s throw away in Coseley, it offered the perfect solution for our requirements...
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The Benefits Of Using Die Casting In Your Product Design
Die casting is often used to make components for the automotive industry or decorative hardware and many other small components. In fact, die-cast parts can be found in many things; you are probably just unaware that they are made from die-cast metal. Locks and gears are common finished products. Other examples are hooks, toys, door handles, pumps, power tool housing, golf clubs and general engineering...
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Selecting The Correct Casting Material
Primary materials that are widely used in die casting include zinc, aluminium and magnesium. It is important when deciding on which material to use, to carefully consider the application along with the required strength and surface finish of the component. Zinc The best choice for thin walled castings and for manufacturing to tight tolerancesRecognised as offering the greatest mouldabilityA heavy material that can give additional...
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